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Sweet 16 :

Imagine the perfect Sweet Sixteen party DJ for your party. Someone who has the hottest DJ's, lights, and music to help create an extraordinary event that will keep you and your friends raving for years to come as the best party ever! At Rave Reviews DJ Entertainment We deliver over-the-top sweet sixteen parties that are high energy and interactive keeping you and your guests the center of attention and the party! We have multiple packages and options to help the sweet sixteen person have the birthday of a lifetime.

Every Sweet Sixteen Party package includes:

  • Over 40,000 songs with all of the latest hits of the radio, YouTube and the internet
  • DJs who know the music and can relate to your guests getting everyone involved
  • Lights that turn any venue into a club-like atmosphere
  • Backup DJs in case anything should happen to your Party DJ
  • Backup equipment so no matter what the party will go on

Your DJ is a Sweet Sixteen Specialist they will know the music and games to keep everyone dancing.

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